12-12 months-Outdated Lady Sees Misplaced, Injured Pet within the Rain, Takes Off Her Jacket to Rescue Her


A bystander captured candid footage of an lovable rescue of a stray pet that befell one wet day in Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The clip went viral, and has been circulating on-line.

In mid-April, 12-year-old Cibely was midway residence from college, strolling within the rain along with her umbrella, when she noticed a shivering pet laying in a puddle and determined to assist the struggling canine discover shelter, some place heat and dry — her residence.


What Cibely did subsequent was, unbeknownst to her, video-recorded by Mayane Rodrigues, who noticed the scene from the window of her house constructing close by.

Cibely is seen placing down her umbrella and eradicating her jacket to select up the pooch, after which carrying her residence.

“When she arrived with the puppy at home, wet from the rain with blood on her shirt, I was scared,” Cibely’s mother, Rejane Stiegelmair, 38, advised The Epoch Instances. “I thought she would have been hurt.”


Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Cibely Stieglmayer)

The 12-year-old stated she was compelled to intervene, as a result of she “saw the dog with a sad look asking for help, she was injured and she was shivering from the cold and couldn’t get up.”

Regardless of apprehension about being bitten, and the canine’s heaviness, Cibely managed to hold her inside.


The household then introduced her to the vet, had her examined, and located that nothing was damaged, the mother stated.

“I posted on dog social media forums, on the pages for lost animals,” she shared. In the meantime, Rodrigues had managed to get in contact with the Stiegelmairs by way of social media and defined that she’d shared the video of Cibely and her pet rescue on-line.


(Courtesy of Cibely Stieglmayer)

The household was quickly flooded with messages from individuals who have been touched by Cibely’s actions; the Stiegelmairs obtained pet garments, canine beds, and assist with vet charges.

The household spent three days looking for the canine’s proprietor, however to no avail. They have been unable to find them.

So, they determined to place the canine up for adoption, however quickly discovered that they couldn’t undergo with it.

“We discovered that she was already ours since the rescue,” the mother stated. “Because every time we talked about her going to another home, our hearts squeezed, we even cried.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Cibely Stieglmayer)

Given the household’s smooth spot for needy canines, it’s no shock they, as of now, have three adopted canines. They named their new furry member of the family Pretinha.

“They became great friends, they play a lot all day,” stated Cibely of the canine trio. “I’m very happy with what I did.”

As an solely baby, she appreciates the corporate, her mother stated.

The philosophy behind Pretinha’s completely satisfied ending writ giant, in response to Cibely, is to “just love and have compassion for each other.”

Rejane hopes folks will “mirror it,” including: “Always do good for humanity or animal life, and let’s take care of each other!”

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