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It is simple to need to hibernate in your home till winter’s over. Sadly, people can’t really hibernate, however we’re completely jealous of the animals who can.

While you consider hibernation, you most likely consider bears. However there are many different animals who do it, too.

Try this checklist of animals that hibernate and what they really do throughout hibernation.


What’s hibernation?

Hibernation is a sleep state (aka torpor) when an animal’s coronary heart price, respiration and metabolism sluggish approach down to allow them to keep heat and preserve vitality. Some animals do that throughout cold weather months when meals sources are scarce or dry seasons when there’s little water. With all their bodily capabilities slowed down, they’re capable of survive for lengthy durations of time with out meals by utilizing up saved fats of their our bodies.

Do bears hibernate?


Bears are the basic instance of animals who hibernate, so that you is likely to be stunned to study that their lengthy winter sleep technically isn’t actually considered hibernating by some since their physique temperature stays excessive.

Bears additionally don’t get up from their torpor state as steadily as different animals. Bears can go round 100 days with out waking up, consuming or going to the lavatory!


Nevertheless, bears’ bodily capabilities sluggish to across the similar velocity as different animals who hibernate, so their sleeping interval is fairly related.

20 animals that hibernate


Other than bears, listed here are 20 different animals who hibernate. (The reptiles on this checklist technically do one thing referred to as brumating, nevertheless it’s principally the reptile model of hibernation.)

1. Bats

6. Fats-tailed dwarf lemurs

What do animals do after they hibernate?

You may suppose animals are simply taking an extra-long nap after they hibernate, however animals don’t actually sleep after they’re hibernating.

Throughout hibernation, animals cool their our bodies by as much as 50 levels Fahrenheit, with some even getting under freezing temperatures!

They usually don’t keep of their torpor state for your complete time. They periodically get up to heat up their our bodies, form of like having a stressed sleep.

Which animal hibernates the longest?

The winner for longest hibernation goes to the edible dormouse. They will hibernate for as much as eleven months!

It’s wild to consider what occurs when animals hibernate — animals are fairly superb.

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