Chinese language influencers are posing by Ikea lockers for photographs as a part of ‘American highschool’ pattern

A brand new on-line pattern has flooded Chinese language social media platforms with pictures of influencers dressing like preppy American highschool college students and posing in entrance of Shanghai Ikea lockers, a lot to the chagrin of consumers.

The pattern, referred to as “Meigaofeng” (American highschool fashion in English), is at present prevalent on Xiaohongshu (Little Crimson Ebook), China’s model of Instagram. A number of accounts on Weibo, corresponding to Jimu News, have additionally reported on the pattern.

The pattern is straightforward. Influencers costume up in American highschool uniforms like these worn in “Gossip Girl” or “The Princess Diaries” — coat, white buttoned lengthy sleeves, pleated skirts, tie and all — and pose in entrance of the lockers within the furnishings firm’s Shanghai locations.


They consider that the lockers in IKEA are excellent for creating the environment usually seen in American highschool collection or films, TikToker and Chinese language tutor @candiselin86 defined.

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The blue lockers are meant for patrons to retailer their belongings whereas procuring. Some Xiaohongshu commenters have complained that the influencers are inflicting a lot disruption to their actions.


It’s really annoying,” one Xiaohongshu person complained. “The last time I went to Ikea, I wanted to see the furniture exhibits, but a group of teenagers was taking photos, so I couldn’t get a good look.”

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It was already very crowded at Ikea, and we had to fight for space with people who were taking pictures,” one other remark learn. “Now, finally, we won’t be crowded out by people holding cameras, or have to endure the endless flash of cameras.”


“Meigaofeng” grew to become so disruptive that Ikea China allegedly banned influencers from taking photos with their lockers, in accordance with Chinese language tech investor and analyst Rui Ma.

Whereas some Weibo customers complained on-line that safety guards from Ikea Shanghai and Chengdu have stopped them from taking photos contained in the shops, a Guangzhou information outlet clarified that the ban was “misinterpreted.” The report explained that Ikea staff would only stop influencers who disrupt other shoppers.

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A similar trend also swept Xiaohongshu last year. Several influencers took to the social media platform to share pictures of themselves in front of the Costco in Shanghai and pretended to be in the United States. Some of them wrote in the captions, “pretending to be in Los Angeles” or “back to the West Coast.”



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