Cloned Arctic wolf named Maya might assist protect endangered animals

A Beijing-based genetics firm has efficiently cloned an Arctic wolf, an act that might assist protect endangered species.

Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the wolf named Maya 100 days after she was born on 10 June.

And she or he was created by way of the identical method behind Dolly the Sheep, the primary mammal, cloned in Scotland in 1996. 


The method, referred to as somatic cell nuclear switch, entailed researchers taking materials from one other wolf and gestating Maya’s embryo within the womb of a beagle – who’s each her surrogate mom and her playmate.

“The newly born wolf has the identical genome as the unique wolf, however the cloned wolf hasn’t lived with different wolves, however with a canine,” stated Zhao Jianping, the Deputy Normal Supervisor of Sinogene.

“In fact, for cloned pet dogs and cats, there is also a problem of early socialisation. The earlier the socialisation, the more beneficial for its future development.”


Arctic wolves, also known as “polar wolves” or “white wolves,” are not endangered like other wolf breeds because they live in isolation, and humans haven’t yet threatened their habitat.

The genetics company behind the project wants to research how to preserve animals more at risk than Maya’s counterparts.


However, there is still a long road ahead of them. “It is relatively easier to clone canines and cats,” stated Zhao.

“We’ll proceed to work on this subject. Within the subsequent step, we might clone uncommon wild animals aside from canines or cats … and it will likely be harder.”


However some within the scientific neighborhood have raised concern, particularly concerning the well being of cloned animals and the way cloning will have an effect on bio-diversity.

Maya, for her half, is destined to spend the remainder of her life in captivity due to her lack of socialisation.

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