Harmful Dolphin Off the Coast of North Padre Island

The Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued warnings of an “aggressive” dolphin near the coast of Texas’ North Padre Island.


Based on an NOAA press release, the animal reveals “dangerous behaviors toward people.”

“The situation for a habituated dolphin off North Padre Island, Texas is dire, threatening both human safety and the animal’s life,” NOAA mentioned. “Biologists report the animal is showing more aggressive behavior, separating children from their parents in the water, and isolating swimming pets from their owners.”

The NOAA believes that “human interaction” brought on a shift within the dolphin’s habits, regardless of warnings to keep away from the animals.


“The dolphin has become so used to humans that it now seeks out people, boats, and any form of interaction,” NOAA mentioned. “In addition to the concerns for human safety, the dolphin has wounds caused by boats and there are concerns for the dolphin’s safety.”

The animal has reached the fourth and remaining tier of human socialization and conditioning.


NOAA described the animal as a “tourist attraction,” inappropriately sought out by guests to the island.

They request that guests “avoid seeking out the dolphin” and “leave it alone for your own safety and that of the dolphin.”


Swimmers ought to depart the water upon sighting the animal, and boaters are suggested to not cease in the event that they see the dolphin.

“While the dolphin may seem friendly, this is a wild animal with unpredictable behavior,” NOAA defined.

The Marine Mammal Safety Act states that any interactions with the dolphin that will injure or change its behaviors are unlawful. This contains feeding the animal.

Biologists are presently in search of options to “mitigate [the] unfortunate situation.”

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