Wholesome Oceans Matter: Be part of NOAA in Celebrating Nationwide Ocean Month

The ocean connects us all. From the air we breathe to the meals we eat; our magnificent ocean touches each facet of our each day lives. Annually, the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) celebrates our shared ocean all through the month of June. The USA comprises a variety of ocean and coastal environments which can be vital components of our nationwide heritage and character. Our ocean and coasts present locations to livework, and play, drive our nation’s economy, and help a wealth of biodiversity.

Fifty years in the past, in response to rising public concern concerning the state of the environment, Congress enacted banner laws designed to guard our nation’s ocean and coasts. The legislation has been critical in shaping ocean and coastal conservation and stewardship for the past five decades, and can proceed to form how we shield the ocean for future generations.

Take time to study extra about our oceans this month, beginning with these enjoyable info from NOAA (hyperlink to video: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/ocean/30days/).


Do you know?

  • The ocean is the place life started over 3.5 billion years in the past.
  • The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth’s floor and consists of over 96% of the Earth’s water.
  • Australia’s Nice Barrier Reef is the most important residing construction on Earth and might be seen from the moon!
  • The deepest a part of the ocean is within the Mariana Trench, and almost 7 miles beneath the waves!
  • Coral reefs cowl just one/fiftieth of the ocean flooring however about one quarter of all of the marine species make coral reefs their residence.
  • No mild penetrates the ocean at depths larger than 3,280 toes.
  • Aided by deep diving rovers and distant sensing cameras, scientists are nonetheless discovering new species beneath the waves.
  • The Gulf Stream transports extra water than all of the Earth’s rivers mixed.
  • The mid-ocean ridge crisscrosses the globe for over 40,000 miles and is the most important geological characteristic on Earth.
  • Do you know that about 95% of the ocean stays unexplored?

Be part of NOAA all month to study much more about why wholesome oceans matter together with what you are able to do to protect coral reefs, how coastal economies contribute to our nationwide financial system, and the significance of coastal resilience after hazardous occasions similar to hurricanes, coastal storms, and flooding. Go to NOAA’s 50 years of ocean and coastal conservation website to study how one can assist increase consciousness about ocean conservation and study extra about what you are able to do to like your ocean and coasts.

Please additionally see the Presidential Proclamation on National Ocean Month, 2022.



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