How one can take care of hedgehogs

Hedgehogs (in Irish, inexplicably, gráinneog or horrible-one) are stated to have been launched into Eire within the thirteenth century after they have been farmed for his or her meat: shocked emoji. Now a protected animal below the Irish Wildlife Act, after 800 years of rambling harmlessly round our lives, they’re nonetheless categorised as non-natives. We now, a minimum of, treasure them. With intensive farming and sprawling suburbs placing strain on their historic habitats, what can we do to ask these pleasant urchins into our gardens and assist them to thrive this winter?

Hedgehogs are nimble and when elevated on their delightfully rubbery, black legs, they’ll journey as a lot as a kilometre or extra throughout their nightly outings. The Vincent Wildlife Belief reviews that males have been recorded over an space of 56 hectares. It’s typically troublesome to ascertain what number of spiny little nomads are literally visiting your backyard as territories can intersect, so you could be naming three pondering you solely have a sole trespasser.

If the going is protected on both aspect of your backyard, with out canines or hazards, making a passing level below fencing will enhance their out there feeding, resting, and hibernation areas. Within the UK, the Hedgehog Avenue marketing campaign has persuaded neighbours to foster highways between city gardens and habitats inside adjoining gardens to assist their native hogs flourish year-round. You should purchase cute hedgehog crossings for fencing from about €13.50 at


Hedgehogs are insectivores and due to this fact act as excellent pest controllers for any backyard, snuffling about and devouring the whole lot from beetles to worms hanging round your garden and borders. As autumn attracts on, rake these fallen leaves right into a pile in a quiet nook with good cowl, and add some decaying logs round to supply each hiding and sustenance to your hogs.

Homely backyard

Hedgehogs favour day nests. Should you like you’ll be able to add a hedgehog home or hibernaculum, extensively out there for round a tenner to over €60 for the Ritz Carlton. Select from wicker, wooden, plastic or ceramic, or just recycle what you will have, leaving a big ceramic pot on its aspect or a chunk of timber set in opposition to a fence or tree to type a shelter. A heavier timber mannequin with a tunnelled entrance or “porch” provides some additional safety from cats and canines.


Hedgehogs first arrived in Ireland in the 13th century.
Hedgehogs first arrived in Eire within the thirteenth century.

Stuff some clear rabbit hay or dry grass clippings in there to create a comfortable cover, and conceal it with a piling up of leaves. It must be cloaked from view, with the doorway away from the prevailing wind. Keep away from disturbing, together with the extensive boundary round them with mowers, strimmers, or any digging or hedging instruments. 

Poking a mower below a hedgerow might simply clip a resting hog. Remember the fact that the underside of a shed set on blocks or timber runner is right for over-wintering hogs, and until you need them inside, test they haven’t already moved in, after which hold the door firmly shut.


Be very cautious when forking over a compost heap at the moment of 12 months. 

Barbed wire must be stored 30cm off the bottom, or it will probably spike a hog, which is able to instinctively curl up and across the line, tangling and injuring it additional. Should you should burn your leaves, transfer your entire heap by hand and test for tenants first.


Elsewhere within the backyard, assess potential hazards. When you’ve got a pond, guarantee there’s a means for any mammals who fall into it, to flee. This may very well be a size of the plank or a shallow shore that runs into the water, creating a few luggage of pebbles from the backyard centre. Open drains, even the little ones under your rainwater system, can entice an unwary hog.

Fruit netting is a infamous hazard for a lot of small mammals and birds. Reduce on heavy chemistry, particularly standard slug pellets — a identified hedgehog poison. Select an alternate and don’t use previous bins of merchandise that embody metaldehyde.


Between now and hibernation, hedgehogs are fattening up. It’s attainable to feed them a supplemental weight loss program to assist them throughout this important interval, however try to be very specific about this. Don’t put out trays by the nesting website, as this may lead predators to their properties. September can produce second litters, and these babes shall be out and about throughout the backyard at simply 4 weeks previous. Younger hoglets that eat the fallacious meals, or one thing choking, might get sick and even die in consequence. Bread and milk will upset the digestion of any hedgehog, so don’t be tempted to simply throw scraps out the again door, which is able to extra doubtless entice rats.

Take away uneaten meals for a similar purpose. Pet food and (moist) cat meals are comparatively protected however don’t be stunned if stray cats and foxes additionally take an curiosity. Crunchy canine biscuits will be damaged down with a rolling pin, and supply a very good chew for a hog. Filthy dishes and an unkempt eating space can help the unfold of illness, so put meals out every day, round nightfall and hold the realm as clear as you’ll for indoor pets. In any other case, depart the hedgehog alone.

Wholesome Irish hedgehogs hibernate between November and early March.

Likelihood is, until they’re shifting their nesting website, having a snack, sick, or disturbed, you shouldn’t see them round, particularly by day. By no means enable youngsters to seize a hedgehog or to “save it” when it’s more than likely simply sleepy and must return to hibernation. Hedgehogs make horrible pets. They’re crawling with fleas and ticks, utterly wild, and they’re protected animals, not toys.

Normally, if the hog is vigorous, clearly not injured, or affected by one thing critical like fly strike or lungworm, it is best to depart it alone. If the hog has woken from hibernation, you might put out some meals after nightfall; chances are high it’s going to feast and return to mattress.

Hedgehogs are insectivores and therefore act as perfect pest controllers for any garden.
Hedgehogs are insectivores and due to this fact act as excellent pest controllers for any backyard.

When you’ve got a doubt, as an example, the hog appears listless, or is out within the open in the course of the day in December, there are steps you’ll be able to take. Placed on some gardening gloves and, in a quiet method, carry the hedgehog right into a deep cardboard field. In very chilly climate, you’ll be able to add a sizzling water bottle wrapped in a towel for it to lie in opposition to and heat up. Select a quiet, indoor space and provide the hog somewhat moist pet meals and a few water on a shallow saucer as soon as it involves. 

Simply watch the hedgehog and if it appears vigorous after a relaxation and feed, attempt returning it to an acceptable spot within the backyard.

Maintain a lookout within the coming days, and if the hog will not be recovering, contact a vet or native wildlife centre. An underweight hoglet of 600g or much less shall be over-wintered indoors till April and regularly launched, as they won’t survive hibernation — a protracted endeavor, and the work for a licensed specialist.

My direct expertise of serving to sick hogs has concerned sympathetic native vets, who, after emergency therapy (I’ve by no means been charged for a wild animal) normally know “the” individual to name within the locality with the correct talent set for rehabilitating that animal.

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