The best way to eliminate cat fleas: Recognizing an infestation and treating it with dwelling treatments

The best way to eliminate cat fleas: Recognizing an infestation and treating it with dwelling treatments


Cat fleas are notably disagreeable little buggers and, if left untreated, could make your feline buddy very sick. There are a couple of dwelling treatments that can assist you out within the case of a flea infestation, so let’s check out find out how to eliminate cat fleas, and what hazard indicators it’s best to look out for.

Cat fleas can be transferred to humans and other pets.
Cat fleas could be transferred to people and different pets.  © 123rf / Zdravinjo

Cat fleas are one of the widespread parasites to contaminate our beloved pets. They’re nasty little issues, nesting on their fur and pores and skin and feeding on tiny pores and skin particles and blood. If left untreated, these critters could cause severe well being issues, each bodily and psychologically.

Out of doors cats will in all probability convey dwelling fleas at the very least as soon as of their lifetime, which might have a wide-ranging influence if it turns right into a family infestation that may impacts people. It is a severe and really disagreeable ache.


As common, although, the TAG24 cat guide is right here that can assist you out! We dive into how one can eliminate cat fleas, what to look out for, and the steps you possibly can take to stop an infestation within the first place.

On the run? Here is a fast TL;DR:


  • Typical signs of a flea-stricken cat embody itching, pores and skin sores, and small black dots in its fur.
  • It’s best to search skilled medical therapy out of your vet within the case of an infestation. Flea collars and flea combs are additionally your greatest wager to eliminate them.
  • There are a number of efficient anti-flea sprays that may be made shortly from family substances.
  • Forestall fleas with correct hygiene and constant anti-flea therapy.

The best way to inform if a cat has fleas

Only about five percent of the flea population are adults.
Solely about 5 p.c of the flea inhabitants are adults.  © 123RF / Thamkc

Cat fleas are completely tiny, so it is onerous to see with the bare eye (we’ll get into that in a minute). Since they’re only some millimeters in dimension, it may be a lot simpler to look at for signs of a flea infestation quite than the little critters themselves.

Here’s a number of flea chunk signs in cats:


  • Itching: Flea bites depart small purple marks on the pores and skin, which frequently results in intense itching. Your kitty can be scratching itself greater than Baloo in Disney’s Jungle E-book, which is fairly onerous to overlook.
  • Pores and skin sores: All that scratching will ultimately trigger pores and skin abrasions. These can turn out to be contaminated and trigger different severe well being points.
  • Coat adjustments: One other consequence of the extreme itching brought on by flea bites is that your cat’s coat can turn out to be brittle and begin to shed. Bald patches might develop, which is not any good in any respect.
  • Allergic pores and skin reactions: Some cats might expertise extreme allergic reactions to flea bites, as fleas additionally transmit international our bodies and ailments. This may end up in extreme itching, but additionally swelling, rashes, pustules, and redness.
  • Black spots: In the event you discover tiny black spots in your cat, they’re extra seemingly than to not be flea droppings. You would possibly discover that should you crush these crumbs after which moisten them, they flip purple. That is as a result of they consist primarily of undigested blood.
  • Stressed conduct: A flea infestation is critically disagreeable to your kitty, and can trigger it to turn out to be extremely stressed, anxious, and irritable.
  • Fleas within the fur: Nevertheless small they might be, you would possibly often catch a glimpse of a flea petting it or might even see them in its fur. Even should you’re simply seeing slight motion in your cat’s fur, it may point out the presence of fleas.

Typically, although, it is best to look out for signs, that are a lot simpler to identify.

What do fleas appear like to the human bare eye?

Fleas are small parasites which can be usually a couple of tenth of an inch in size (2-3 millimeters). They’re wingless, skinny, and have brown to reddish-brown our bodies. A flea’s physique is roofed in hairs that assist it transfer round on its host. One factor they’re well-known for is that they bounce like hell, which often offers them away.

Cat flea therapies

When fighting off a flea infestation, you should first treat your kitty with a suitable antiparasitic.
When combating off a flea infestation, it’s best to first deal with your kitty with an acceptable antiparasitic.  © 123RF / Goodluz

Cats needs to be handled for any flea infestation, as these parasites not solely unfold between hosts extremely shortly, however could cause severe well being issues when left to feast.

They will trigger the transition of nasty ailments from animal to animal, together with worm infections, noticed fever, and meningitis.

Enjoyable reality: It’s extensively believed that fleas are literally the first trigger for the transmission of the bubonic plague – or the Black Plague – throughout Europe within the 1340s. The fleas have been carried largely by rats that ended up on service provider ships.

It’s important that you just deal with not solely your cat, however your property and something that your kitty might have come into contact with.

Listed here are a couple of suggestions and methods:

  • Use spot-on preparations: You apply these drops on to the cat’s pores and skin. Make it possible for your pet cannot attain the handled space with its tongue – the again of the neck is your greatest wager!
  • Use a flea collar: Pop a flea collar in your feline buddy. These units comprise a number of substances which can be often launched in low doses after which unfold as a greasy layer throughout your cat’s pores and skin. This kills fleas and prevents new infestations.
  • Use a flea comb: Use a flea comb to take away fleas and their eggs, pupae, larvae, and droppings. Sure, your kitty will in all probability protest. It is value it although, so placed on some gloves, apologize prematurely, and comb with the grain to reduce the unpleasantness as a lot as doable.

In the event you assume your cat has contracted a flea infestation, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian. To keep away from the unfold, do not convey your cat in instantly, however name and get recommendation first.

The best way to eliminate cat fleas with dwelling treatments

There are an enormous number of dwelling treatments that may assist in opposition to flea infestations in your cat and residential. These important oils or explicit crops are stated to place an finish to those bloodsucking pests. Let’s check out a couple of choices and assess whether or not dwelling treatments are the way in which to go.

If you don't properly treat a cat for fleas, it could get infected repeated.
In the event you do not correctly deal with a cat for fleas, it may get contaminated repeated.  © 123rf / Vailery

Vinegar and lemon spray

Components and preparation: For this anti-flea spray, combine collectively 8.5 ounces of water, 50 ounces of family vinegar, and 5 ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Put the combination into a sprig bottle and shake vigorously.

Utility: Spray this vinegar-lemon resolution in your cat if it has been infested with fleas. Maintain your nostril and apply it to furnishings and clothes too.

Important oils

Components and preparation: For this combination, combine collectively 8.5 ounces of water and a wide range of important oils. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and lemon oil are notably appropriate, and about 10 drops of every are sufficient to assist with a flea infestation. Add to the water and put into a sprig bottle.

Utility: Spray the cat fastidiously with this combination, ensuring to not get it in its eyes.

Take into accout: Some oils are poisonous for cats and should not be used. Examine along with your veterinarian beforehand or use an alternative choice in case you are anxious.

Rosemary lemon spray

Components and preparation: Boil about 34 ounces of water along with a finely chopped up lemon (together with the peel) and a handful of recent or dried rosemary. Simmer for about fifteen minutes after which depart it to chill for at the very least two hours, or till chilly. Pour the combination by way of a sieve to catch the rosemary and add a couple of drops of geranium or tea tree oil earlier than inserting all the things into a sprig bottle.

Utility: Once more, apply this spray to your cat in addition to any furnishings which may be effected. This treatment additionally works for people who’ve been contaminated. Just remember to let the combination soak in for at the very least 20 minutes earlier than you rinse it out once more.

Bear in mind: Dwelling treatments are nowhere close to as efficient as utilizing a medical resolution. We might advocate avoiding dwelling options and as an alternative getting medical recommendation out of your veterinarian.

The best way to forestall fleas on cats and in the home

Flea larvae will hide in beds, furniture, and carpets. These should be thoroughly cleaned after an infestation.
Flea larvae will conceal in beds, furnishings, and carpets. These needs to be completely cleaned after an infestation.  © 123rf / Lipskiy

Treating and stopping cat fleas could be a prolonged and troublesome process, and is usually not sufficient to stop an infestation. The largest drawback with fleas it that they unfold quickly, infesting furnishings, different animals, and even individuals. Because of this, it is best to cease them from making a house in your pet’s fur to start with.

To successfully forestall cat fleas, attempt these couple of strategies:

  • Totally clear your residence often.
  • Get rid of all vacuum cleaner luggage within the rubbish instantly after vacuuming.
  • Repeatedly change your mattress linen, at the very least a couple of times every week.
  • Once you wash your mattress linen and bedspreads, ensure that the temperature is about to a minimal of 140° Fahrenheit.
  • Wash cat beds and blankets often, additionally at 140° Fahrenheit.
  • Repeatedly spray and comb your cat’s coat, ideally day-after-day.
  • Deal with your furnishings and scratching posts with an anti-flea spray.
  • Place non-washable textiles within the freezer for a couple of days in case you are involved a couple of potential flea infestation.

It’s best to often deal with your cat with anti-flea treatment, supplied and prescribed by your veterinarian. Observe the directions and communicate along with your vet. That is crucial tip.

Cat fleas could be a actual ache

Cat fleas could be harmful, as they’re a serious transmitter of ailments and nasty infections. That being stated, you should not freak out should you get an infestation. It is fairly regular and could be handled comparatively simply.

Repeatedly groom your cat, verify your cat for fleas, and ensure to take applicable measures to guard it. In the event you act on the protected aspect and often seek the advice of your vet, then you definitely should not have an excessive amount of of an issue with these nasty little critters.

Cowl photograph: 123rf / Zdravinjo

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