How you can cease cats pooing in your backyard: 5 efficient and secure deterrents

Owners can get more and more irritated after they discover cat poo on their grass – particularly in the event that they don’t personal a cat. For those who wish to know tips on how to cease the animal from fouling on their entrance or again lawn, there are just a few secure options. 

Cats are carnivores, so their faeces can comprise parasites or pathogens not current in herbivore manure.

This may be regarding for those who develop their very own produce.


Whereas many householders don’t like another person’s cat coming into their backyard, utilizing a repellent that may poison them is flawed, a cat’s life is vital and human strategies to repel cats ought to be used solely. 

There are 5 secure and efficient methods to cease cats pooing in your backyard; planting sure crops, utilizing citrus peels, utilizing pepper, utilizing white vinegar or utilizing lion poo pellets. 

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If the cat tends to choose the identical spot to foul, strive cleansing the world with a hose or water can plus eco-friendly cleaning soap. 

This will throw cats off their very own scent, nevertheless it might additionally simply persuade the animal to make use of one other a part of the backyard. 


A few of Mrs Hinch’s cleansing followers had been struggling to cease cats from fouling their gardens so requested for some ideas. 

Bethan Oliver instructed: “Ground black pepper. renew after rain,” and Louise McGrath agreed: “Pepper sprinkle it around that stops them.” 


Any mixture of pepper will work to discourage cats – black, white or cayenne, however complete peppercorns gained’t work because the aroma is barely launched when crushed. 

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You’ll be able to both sprinkle the powder across the backyard or make a sprig, however as Bethan mentioned, it may be simply washed away with rain, so bear in mind to maintain on high of it. 

Jane Garred Jeffery provided a substitute for pepper: “Vinegar works well around the patio area, washing line pole etc.” 

Not all cats react to vinegar, some keep away from it however others are usually not fussed by the robust scent. 

It’s also mentioned that cats don’t have the identical response to every kind of vinegar. As an example, a cat can present curiosity in apple cider vinegar however keep away from distilled white vinegar. 

With regards to vinegar, distilled white vinegar is commonly the perfect vinegar to make use of as a deterrent, because of its robust scent.

Julie Harris wrote on Fb: “Leave the poor foxes alone, we’ve destroyed most of their habitat and now they’re forced to scavenge in our towns, as for cats I hear lion poo pellets are good.” 

Lesley Logan seconded this concept: “Tiger or lion poo on Amazon is effective,” however Sally-Anne Royle defined: “[It] doesn’t work I’ve tried it!”

In accordance with, “Lion poo may keep cats away but it’s never proven to be 100 percent effective. Like most cat deterrents, lion poo is one you’ll have to try to see if it works for the particular cat you’re trying to deter.” 

If cats aren’t the difficulty, there are just a few methods to deter foxes from your garden

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