In The Neighborhood: Fulton County SPCA saves, reconnects, finds new houses for canine


 GLOVERSVILLE — Rising up in Amsterdam, Renee Earl all the time cherished animals. 

So when a pal prompt she be part of the Fulton County Regional SPCA a decade in the past, she jumped on the likelihood. 


“I started attending the meetings and the rest is history,” mentioned the 48-year-old Earl, a Gloversville resident who’s now the SPCA president. “I’ve been here ever since.”

The group initially began because the Regional Animal Shelter in 2002 earlier than turning into integrated because the Fulton County Regional SPCA in 2019. 

The nonprofit shelter, which is run solely by volunteers, is totally different from others within the county and close by counties as a result of it solely serves town of Gloversville. 


“Which has its benefits and it also has its problems,” Earl mentioned. 

As a result of the group is volunteer run, its shelter operates on a morning, dinner and bedtime schedule, with some volunteers coming in throughout the day if their schedule permits.


“But we don’t have a set staff that are there,” Earl mentioned. 

Volunteer Alexandra Jackson describes herself as a “schlepper of all things” on the group; choosing up, storing and allocating provides. She additionally works the Friday night time bedtime shift. 


“Bedtime is usually a nice opportunity to spend some time one on one with each of our dogs, they all get some time outside to potty, their beds fluffed and a bedtime snack,” she mentioned. “The general energy at the shelter tends to be more relaxed at bedtime, the dogs know the routine and are winding down for the night.” 

As a result of the bedtime shift isn’t all the time staffed, Earl mentioned the canine get ready for residing in a 9 a.m. to five p.m. atmosphere after they’re adopted as a result of having a schedule. 

The shelter can also be small in comparison with different organizations: It solely has eight kennels. 

“We are never empty,” Earl mentioned. “There is never a time when we don’t have dogs.” Between Aug. 1 and Wednesday, the SPCA had 21 canine go into the shelter simply from Gloversville. Of these 21 canine, 13 have been redeemed by households, Earl mentioned. 

Earl mentioned additionally they assist, when attainable, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Division if the division asks. 

There have been occasions the place canine have been fostered by a number of the volunteers as a result of the shelter was full. 

“We do not euthanize for space,” Earl mentioned. “Even if we’re full, then we beg for fosters or we ask other organizations to help us out, but we won’t put them down just because we are full.” These values are the explanation Jackson mentioned she turned a volunteer. 

“The well being of the dogs is the absolute top priority at Regional which really spoke to me,” she mentioned. 

When canine aren’t picked up by their house owners, they’re put up for adoption. Seeing the canine get adopted is the best feeling for each Earl and Jackson.

“To know that someone found their perfect family member and it may have taken a little bit longer, but it’s absolute love at first sight, there really is nothing better than that,” Earl mentioned.

Jackson mentioned she loves seeing the textual content messages, social media posts or Christmas playing cards from households which have adopted canine. 

“The dogs on couches and hikes and in the family photos that make it clear that they are safe, they are loved and that we did our jobs in getting them ready to live fabulous lives once they leave us,” Jackson mentioned.

Nonetheless, the job additionally has its troublesome moments. For Earl, one of many hardest issues in regards to the job is the destructive feedback she mentioned individuals make on social media in regards to the group or its volunteers. 

“That is like a knife in the chest,” she mentioned. “It’s hurtful and we’re all here volunteering our time and our hearts and our dollars to try and make a difference. We know we can’t control what other people do or say, but it’s very discouraging when you’re trying to work so hard and you get so many people making remarks.” 

Then, there are the troublesome instances the volunteers deal with. 

“The hardest part is facing the situations you can’t fix,” Jackson mentioned. “When we’re legally required to return a dog to an owner who we know isn’t willing or able to care for them properly.” 

Jackson mentioned each state and nationwide legal guidelines are insufficient. 

Earl mentioned to assist the volunteers with the troublesome moments on the job, the shelter has partnered with The Household Counseling Middle in Gloversville to offer trauma counseling. 

“We just began this service because I saw how broken the volunteers were becoming, how exhausted they were becoming,” Earl mentioned. “So I felt it was very important to reach out for some proper help on how to deal with those emotions.” 

Now, volunteers are studying coping expertise and Earl is getting ready extra wellness days for the workers that embody actions comparable to mountain climbing. 

However above all else, Earl mentioned, it’s important to keep in mind the nice moments on the job, the completely happy moments, the highs. 

“The moments when we do have these horrible raid situations and you have a dog that is so fearful you cannot touch it and then that one day he just lets you put your finger on his nose just that is amazing because a month ago that wouldn’t have happened,” Earl mentioned.

Earl mentioned the group is all the time searching for volunteers and taking donations. Folks can apply to be a volunteer and make donations on the SPCA’s web site at Folks may also mail in donations, Earl mentioned. Its mailing deal with is 117 West Fulton St., Gloversville, NY 12078.

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