Senior Cat Demanding To Be Spooned Each Evening by Proprietor Melts Hearts On-line

A picture of a cat in a spooning position with its proprietor—primarily being hugged from the again—has gone viral on Reddit, the place it has acquired over 22,000 upvotes on the web discussion board on the time of writing.

The image shared by user Big_Lmaoski—captioned “My senior cat will not let me sleep except I spoon him every night“—reveals a cat in a peaceful slumber, snuggled between a blanket and the proprietor, with simply its head peeking out.

Based on a examine revealed in 2019 within the peer-reviewed journal Present Biology, cats, like canines and kids, have a “comparable capability for the formation of safe and insecure attachments in the direction of human caregivers.”


Their attachment type “seems to be comparatively steady and is current in maturity,” the examine mentioned.

A man sleeping with a cat.
A person holding a cat underneath a blanket whereas sleeping.
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A number of different Redditors swooned over the picture shared within the newest publish, with many sharing their very own senior cats behave in the same method.

Person punipunijelly merely wrote: “Stunning. I am crying,” whereas consumer solitarytrees2 mentioned “that little dude is simply treasured. Give him [an] further pet for me.”


Twist-And-Shout62 mentioned: “My older cat, now deceased, was precisely the identical! I all the time mentioned she was placing me to mattress,” in a remark that obtained over 700 upvotes.

“She was the kitten that selected me by strolling into my kitchen and stayed. We moved from residence to residence from metropolis to a different metropolis and a few interstate strikes. She was an incredible cat similar to yours,” Twist-And-Shout62 added.


BillEvansTrioFan additionally mentioned their senior cat sleeps with them “each night time similar to this” and that they “cannot transfer in any respect!” because of this.

Person sabbat1011 wrote: “You BETTER be spooning that cat. All of the spoons!,” in a remark that obtained over 600 upvotes on the time of writing. The unique poster replied: “He pads my face till I let him in!,” in a remark that acquired 405 upvotes.


Person wyrd_werks: “Senior cats get SO affectionate. My 18-year-old man is like that now too. Must be touching me and prefers the aspect my face is on. If I pull him underneath the covers to spoon he purrs till his purrs flip to snores. Cutest factor ever. Senior cats are so treasured. And that blep! Your cat is so cute!,” in a remark that obtained 117 upvotes.

Some customers mentioned it feels as if their cat is placing them to sleep, as an alternative of vice versa, after they’re pet snuggles as much as them on this approach.

BenderIsGreat-34 wrote: “My boy does that. It is now probably the most comforting factor on this planet and places me proper to sleep.”

Okay-Kaleidoscope5627 mentioned: “I all the time really feel so unhappy when my cat would not tuck me into mattress or be a part of me 🙁 I fear I offended them someway.”

Person hanging_plateau: “I actually imagine that cats are very particular and magic beings. I had cats all my life however solely with the newest twos I realised how wonderful they’re.”

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