College students’ psychological well being impacted by college threats

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – There have been 9 college threats throughout our hometowns this month.

As her youngsters prepared for college, Paola Santos worries if it’s the final time she’s going to see them.

“It’s really sad that every morning I have to hug my children extra tight because of everything that is going on in school,” stated Santos. “So, it like all day I am just thinking about ‘Is there gonna be another threat?’ “Should I send my children to school?’”


However Santos’ worries transcend their bodily security in school. She’s involved for his or her psychological well being. Carilion Clinic Chair of psychiatry and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine professor, Dr. Robert Trestman, says faux college threats disrupt the category and children’ psychological well being.

“Particularly those who are predisposed to or are already dealing with anxiety issues, it only can make it worse. Because it all of a sudden brings in the very real fear that this can happen again,” stated Trestman.

Trestman explains seeing cops inside colleges could make a baby really feel unsafe, particularly kids of shade.


“So we have to recognize that each of these children in their different classrooms coming from different backgrounds will react differently, some positively and some negatively,” defined Trestman.

He recommends college workers reinforce officers are there to maintain them protected. Each lecturers and fogeys ought to have open communication with the youngsters.


“How was school today? What’s going on? What are you thinking about? What are your friends telling you? and not be satisfied with that “everything’s okay,” added Trestman.

The duty isn’t on one individual, Trestman says everybody must work collectively. After the incidents this week, Santos is organizing a mum or dad’s group to attempt to bridge the hole.


“I feel like the school and the parents have a division,” defined Santos. “And they feel like the school isn’t doing anything. And the school feels like the parents aren’t doing anything. So, we have to come together for those students.”

Trestman stated college students typically don’t see the implications faux threats can have. So, everybody must be on the identical web page and talk the implications.

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