Why Do Cats Purr? 6 Factor Your Cat Is Making an attempt to Talk

  • Cats might purr as a result of they’re comfortable or they need one thing, like meals, from you.
  • Mom cats and kittens talk via purring, so the sound could also be a carryover from kittenhood.
  • The low vibrations created by purring may very well assist your cat ease ache and heal muscular tissues. 

In case you’re a cat proprietor, you are seemingly acquainted with the soothing, rhythmic murmur of your cat’s purr as they nap within the afternoon solar or nestle into your lap for a cuddle. 

Cats purr with a constant sample and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz, loud enough for humans to hear and feel the purr’s vibrations

Most individuals affiliate purring with emotions of delight and contentment, however cats really purr for various causes, together with to alleviate ache or talk with different cats.


Listed here are six the explanation why cats purr.

1. Your cat is comfortable

Purring is commonly a cat’s means of claiming they like being touched and need extra, says Megan Conrad, BVMS, a veterinarian who works with Hello Ralphie, a


vet supplier. 


Your cat may additionally purr whereas consuming or ingesting to precise emotions of happiness and success, says Christine Sellers, DVM, a veterinarian on the Cat and Bird Clinic.

2. As a means for mom cats and kittens to speak 

Kittens begin to purr when they’re solely a few days old as a method to communicate and bond with their mothers, Sellers says. 


“The mom communicates to her kittens from the day of delivery and the kittens talk again to the mom by purring after they’re a number of days outdated,” she says. 

As a result of kittens are born deaf and blind, the vibrations from a mom cat’s purr can assist guide the kittens to nurse. 


3. Your cat is burdened

Whereas purring is mostly related to an expression of cat happiness, your cat might also purr whereas stressed or anxious, like when visiting the vet. In case your cat is nervous, purring generally is a means for them to self-soothe and calm down.  

There are a number of methods you’ll be able to inform in case your cat is purring due to anxiousness, says Sellers:

  • An anxious purr might have a barely greater pitch than a contentment purr. 
  • The purr is paired with panting or displaying tooth

In some circumstances, like when burdened, purring seems to be intentional whereas in circumstances like expressing contentment, purring is extra of an computerized response, Sellers says. 

4. To heal themselves and relieve ache 

Some cats purr while in labor or when injured. In these situations, researchers say purring helps ease pain and regulate breathing

Plus the low-frequency vibration produced by purring can really stimulate healing, Conrad says, notably of bones and tendons

In truth, low-frequency vibrations, much like the vibrations created by cats when purring, have been utilized in people to stimulate bone growth and promote muscle strength

5. To greet different cats

Your cat may additionally purr upon seeing another familiar cat as a method to greet them.  

Precisely what they’re speaking is not clear but to scientists, Conrad says, however it could possibly be a method to let the opposite cat know they’re friendly and approachable and to convey the message that they don’t seem to be a risk.  

6. Your cat desires one thing from you

Purring will also be a means for a cat to precise sure must its human caregivers, like feeling hungry and wanting meals. Purring as a method to obtain one thing from a caregiver tends to be higher pitched and more urgent sounding in comparison with different varieties of purring, Sellers says.

In keeping with researchers, people are more likely to react to this kind of pressing, solicitation purr. A 2009 study performed playbacks of purrs from 10 cats recorded in each solicitation contexts with cries accompanying the purrs and in non-solicitation contexts. The 50 human individuals regarded the solicitation purrs as extra pressing and fewer nice. 

Insider’s takeaway 

Cats purr for various causes, together with to precise contentment, to speak with different cats or animal companions, and to self-soothe throughout occasions of stress or harm. 

Some cats will produce a extra high-pitched, pressing purr when they need one thing from their human house owners, like meals. 

Regardless of the motive, you’ll be able to often inform based mostly on context. Look out for different kitty cues that can assist you perceive your cat’s wants and preferences, and you will most likely each be happier for it.

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